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Adaugat la: 04/06/2023


While humanity celebrates the defeat of the Demon King by the hands of a lone hero, the denizens of the demon world prepare for the contest of a lifetime�a tournament to decide who would inherit the title of Demon King.nnNow, three months later, the tournament has been proceeding smoothly�well, other than the fact that the favorite to come out on top is the human hero Helck! With a smile and a wave, he easily bests his demonic competition, all while loudly proclaiming his hatred for humans. Though he calls for the destruction of humanity, the truth of what lies behind his cheery fa�ade remains a mystery.nnDoubtful of Helck\'s intentions, Red Vamirio�one of the "Four Heavenly Kings," who oversee the realm of the demons together�seeks to uncover what the hero is truly after. With the title of "Demon King" at stake, the fate of the demon world rests on her shoulders. nn[Written by MAL Rewrite]